Training Room Tables

21 Apr 2014

Any training environment has to be comfortable and have enough space for seating. The ideal training room should have projectors and all of the required equipment to work with visual aids. Additionally, the training room tables should have sufficient space for laptops and desktops if students will be utilizing these resources as a part of the training. Depending on the nature of the event, conference or class held, your training room should be designed with the course requirements and curriculum in mind.

Is portability a goal?

If leading a course where people will be required to assemble into groups, the training tables should be portable. Ideally, these training room tables will be light enough to slide together. The tables should have wheels so they can easily be arranged in multiple configurations. Consider how often there will be group projects requiring team members to enter into breakout sessions. Conversely, if the training environment will be computer-based, mobility and portability will be less of a concern.

Is this a multifunctional room?

There may be facilities with a conference room that doubles as a training room. There may also be a dedicated training room in which the seats are never changed. This may determine the type of training room tables used in the room. Tables that flip and fold may be ideal for you if your conference room will be multipurpose rooms used for conferences, office parties, ceremonies or seminars. Workstations may not be as good a fit for this scenario.

Is it a work environment?

There are times when companies will hire temps to work in certain rooms for seasonal purposes. Is this is the case then workstations may be a good fit instead of tables. If the training room will be used for overflow think about including desk compartments for easy storage of office supplies and personal items. Include wire management to neatly store wires and cables to create a professional look.

Selecting the right training table for your room requires an understanding of how the rooms will be utilized. If the room is going to be used for multiple purposes, the style of table should fit that need. If the room is going to be for training, then the traditional seminar tables may be more ideal. If the area will serve as a temporary space for employees to collaborate, then a workstation may be better fit. Consider the seat capacity and the likelihood and frequency that the rooms will be adapted for different types of training scenarios.

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