Teachers Desk Design Trends

10 Mar 2014

A teacher’s desk is as much a part of the learning environment as the rest of the classroom. However, it becomes apparent that this crucial piece of furniture has not been reevaluated to meet the needs of the 21st century learning. With this in mind, at Interior Concepts we offer innovative teachers desk designs, which are made to meet the needs of the modern teacher in a modern classroom. Keep reading for a few design and to view a slideshow of installation photos for inspiration.

Out with the Old and in with the New

The traditional teachers desk is a stationary fixture of the classroom. It’s really nothing more than an over-sized surface with plenty of drawers that sits in one position and becomes a focal point rather than a tool to help students both extend and deepen their learning experience. Because of such limitations, Interior Concepts is setting new teacher desk trends with custom designed school furniture to perfectly accommodate the classroom learning environment, tools/equipment, space, and the teacher’s style!

Working with Technology

The classroom of today is a multimedia experience, incorporating ceiling-mounted projector systems, mechanized projection screens, audiovisual tools, Internet-capable computers, wireless networks, and other advanced electronic equipment. The old wooden schoolmarm’s station is no longer sufficient to house and organize our latest technological advances.

What are the prerequisites for housing technology in the classroom in order to keep up with the fast paced classroom environment of today? The first requirement is storage capacity along with the ability to adapt to the needs of changing technology. It should have space for all audio-visual equipment, computers, cables, and even overhead projectors. Second, it should be a multilevel adaptable structure, with the option of a podium-height surface for lecture purposes.

Keeping the Trend Mobile

Two other features that all teachers should have in a desk is less focus on lecture and more on individual instruction. With the new teacher’s desk models, instructional space is built into teachers desks for one-on-one time with the teacher and small group collaboration. Second, consider a mobile teacher’s desk that can also be height adjustable based on what is best suited a given activity. In a modern classroom, there’s no room for a teachers desk that merely serves as only furniture. A teachers desk design demands functionality, flexibility, efficiency and with ergonomics in mind.

Teacher Desk Design Ideas by Interior Concepts from Interior Concepts


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