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Eight Trends for Contact Centers in 2013

In this office design white paper, you will find eight trends to keep in mind when building or redesigning your space. Our goal is to provide helpful information that allows you to be more productive, retain employees, and create a more efficient use of space.

Working with an informative and knowledgeable company that knows the industry is important. Interior Concepts has over 20 years of experience in commercial office furniture design for the contact center industry. This white paper covers eight trends for 2013 to keep in mind as you design your contact center.

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Think Beyond the Cube: Office Pods

One of the most recent trends in call center furniture design has been the return of office pods, also known as clusters. Office pods have a unique circular setup that allow agents to work in a team environment and more easily achieve the goals of the call center. Read the Q&A’s in the free white paper for more information about office pod workstation designs.

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Build a Better Cubicle | Initial Value vs. Price

The biggest mistake when making a furniture purchase is only considering the initial price instead of the overall value. There is the old saying that price is what you consider when making a purchase but value is what you expect after the purchase, long after price is forgotten. Office workstations, cubicles, and call center furniture are no exception.

Download the PDF for tips to ensure the best value possible when purchasing your office furniture and to help you avoid common furniture purchasing mistakes.

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Contact Center Design Ideas

This sampling of design ideas was created by reviewing installations throughout the country. We hope these ideas will help you to create a functional and productive space that will attract and retain employees while helping to make the center more efficient overall. Download the white paper for design tips on agent stations, collaborative workspaces, and more!

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Furnish Your Call Center for Productivity

Depending on which study you read, the people side of the call center business represents about two-thirds of an organization’s operating expenses. With so much of the industry’s cost and energy concentrated on this area, it makes sense that the center’s facilities should be designed with people and productivity in mind.

Regarding the productivity of workers in call center design, there are many issues that come into play. A few are addressed here, including workstation design, traffic flow and the ever-important ergonomics.

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Future Proof Call Center Design

Change is constant in the workplace and the best way to ‘future proof’ a call center is to design a flexible environment. With changing technologies and customer demands, furniture design has never been more important. This white paper discusses issues you should take into consideration when furnishing your work environment.

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Optimize Call Center Furniture Design

The task of designing or updating a call center is a comprehensive but rewarding task. While this task requires due diligence, the result will be a center that is more functional, productive and thus profitable. The capital investment in the facilities and furniture is insignificant compared to the most important asset; the agents working in the center. By doing it right you will benefit from higher productivity, improved employee morale, reduced employee turnover and a safer, healthier work environment.

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Optimize School Furniture Design

Now more than ever, educational environments are multi-purpose spaces that are used by students, staff, and the community. The furniture should be designed to accommodate all of these needs. By doing it right, the result will be environments that are more functional and productive. This article includes a number of questions that can help to ensure the very best furniture solutions for your space. Asking the right questions up front is critical to ensure that the environment meets the longer-term needs of the students and staff. The questions in this article will help to design an environment that will be useful for years to come.

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Panel Creep: What is it? and How to Avoid it?

Panel creep may sound like an offensive term used to describe an annoying coworker, but the appropriate definition begins with unused space caused by workstation panels. The unused space that accrues along a run of workstations, then multiplied by the total effect on the call center floor, is the amount of panel creep in an area.

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Planning a STEM Classroom

Furniture and room design will help to facilitate STEM curriculum and programs to maximize learning. We have designed this article to generate discussion about the room layout and furniture design during the planning phase of the project to ensure that the environment complements the curriculum and the long-term needs of the students and staff.

Interior Concepts has been designing labs long before the term STEM became popular, so we have a lot of experience to draw from to make your lab the best learning environment possible. This white paper covers some key points to think about to provide the best room design to facilitate STEM education.

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Sit to Stand Workstation Ergonomics

A recent article in the New York Times refers to research finding that those who stood all day doing — nothing other than standing — burned hundreds of calories more than a group of individuals sitting all day. For both men and women in this study, standing burned multiple calories, but did not ignite hunger. The research found that if you want to lose weight, you don’t necessarily have to go for a long run: “Just get rid of your chair.” (Reynolds, 2010)Besides costly treadmill desks, there are other options. Sit-to-Stand workstations provide the ability to frequently change positions and help to improve not only computer-related repetitive stress injuries but also overall health.

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Six Steps to Designing a Call Center Site

First let’s face the facts. The economy is slow to rebound, call centers costs are monitored closely, and space is at a premium. And because the cost of doing business is also on the rise due to factors like increasing costs for employee medical insurance, and basic commodities necessary to conduct business, companies are being forced to work more efficiently and do more with less.

Creating a more efficient contact center can start as early as the design or remodeling process. Design components such as designing with the flow and function of the call center in mind, and efficiently filling floor space can help to make the center more efficient overall.

Please read our SIX STEPS TO DESIGNING A MORE EFFICIENT CONTACT CENTER SITE. Simply being aware of these important steps will allow you to make a more informed decision when furnishing and remodeling your call center, which can positively impact your bottom line.

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Untangling Facilities Hidden Costs

Untangle facilities hidden costs by selecting modular furniture with a large capacity wire management system. This one simple change can lower cabling installation costs by 25-30%, reduce cabling and contractor costs by up to 40%, and allow IT to update and change hardware 50% faster. These cost reductions can significantly impact budget when constructing or building a call center.

Call centers require sophisticated technology and equipment at every workstation. Considerable time and money is spent making sure that technology, power, and components are available to each agent, however, often overlooked is the necessary cabling and pathway of the furniture that will route the cabling to each workstation.

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Trends in Contact Center Floor Plans

In this white paper you will find a sampling of industry trends to keep in mind when redesigning a current space or designing a new facility. This sampling of ideas was created by reviewing recent installations throughout the country. We hope these ideas help you to design a functional and productive center that will attract and retain employees while helping to make the center more efficient overall.

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Workstation Design Tips - Ergonomics

You are probably aware that the angle of your computer screen or the way you type on your keyboard can dramatically affect your health; but do you know what ergonomics really means or how to create an ergonomic work area? Ergonomics essentially means designing the workplace to maximize productivity by reducing fatigue and discomfort. With most people spending the majority of their workday at a computer, it is essential to have a properly designed ergonomic work area to maintain good health. This white paper will help you to learn how to create a workstation that will enable you to be more productive, comfortable, and healthy. After you review this white paper, take a look around your office and see how people actually work. Chances are that they are not working in a proper ergonomic position.

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