Multi-Purpose Tables


It’s amazing what a simple change of pace can do for students or employees. Multi purpose tables give you the flexibility to create different room layouts, effortlessly. With our rectangular table as your starting point, you can go from classic classroom, to small groups, to u-shaped group discussions. Your layouts are free to adapt from day to day, and the flexibility will last for years as our tables are backed by a lifetime warranty. Download our table brochure to learn more about available options.

Flip-Top Table Option: By their very nature, classrooms, training rooms, breakrooms, and multi-purpose rooms are constantly changing. Enter our Motion flip-top tables. They accommodate rooms with diverse functions and group sizes, or situations where tables are shared between rooms and need to easily pass through doorways. Equipped with a durable quick-release handle, the flip-top worksurface rotates and locks vertically for space-saving nesting.

Adjustable-Height Table Option:  A new level of simplicity. In need of an altitude adjustment? With a simple pin-clip system, users can adjust the table height without a single tool. It’s perfect for spaces that need to accommodate different age groups. Simply lock in the desired height and you’re in business.

Video: Motion Tables

Room Size:


Station Size:



Maximum space assumed, columns & other obstacles may greatly affect number of stations.