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Influence Table Options

Reconsider the vertical possibilities of an adjustable work space! From your seat to your feet, Influence Tables offer a full range of flexibility for learning and workspaces.

One of the latest trends in the office is to stand while working using a standing desk. Too much sitting has a poor effect on an individual’s overall health. Too much standing, on the other hand has its own negative health effects. Stationary desks for either sitting or standing are not always the best answer for the modern work space. Enable individuals to adjust the height of their worksurface according to their body height, immediate needs, and requirements of use, such as presentation, instruction or computer work. Influence Tables offer your teachers, students, and office personnel the option to sit or stand and at the height that is the best for them.

Purchasing desks and tables for your classroom or office is a decision for which you will weigh the cost, the use of the furniture, and the health of the user. When considering the cost, remember that purchasing just one adjustable-height table for shared use is like buying a separate table for everyone who will ever use it! Regarding the use of your new furniture, Influence Tables have different height adjustments to choose from based on light or heavy load-bearing use. Both options are easy to use and reliable.

Influence Tables feature HPL worktops, metal-to-metal connections and fully-welded steel legs, guaranteeing you a durable and low-maintenance table solution. Manufactured in the USA, all Interior Concepts furniture is MAS® Certified Green and backed by a lifetime warranty.

MAS Certified Green

Made in the U.S.A.

Turnkey Solution

Lifetime Warranty

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