EnerGEE! Rechargeable Battery Accessory


Take the idea of “work anywhere” to the next level. Create a charging table by incorporating the long-lasting EnerGEE! battery system into an Interior Concepts table. The EnerGEE! accessory allows any USB charged device, like phones or tablets, to remain charged for hours without being connected to building power. Wheel the table anywhere recharging is needed to create a wireless charging station. Forget about locating an outlet and leave the extension cord forever behind.

Outfit a classroom, training lab, testing room, conference room, warehouse, or office, and allow multiple people to work all day anywhere before recharging the EngerGEE! unit overnight. EnerGEE! features a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery design, which is known for its safety, life, power, and environmental friendliness. It will retain capacity for 90% of its lifecycle, so it can be recharged thousands of times ensuring lots of work gets done for years to come.

Video: EnerGEE!

Product Specs

Room Size:


Station Size:



Maximum space assumed, columns & other obstacles may greatly affect number of stations.