Team Leaders


Call Centers are fast paced environments and supervisors and team leaders are key to supporting and supervising agents, and keeping them up to date on changing goals and metrics. Our most popular design for supervisors is a standing height straight workstation at the end of a run of agent stations. This standing height workstation gives team leaders the ability to see all agents and quickly move to agents that need assistance.

Supervisors and team leaders are often in charge of communicating information. Incorporate tackable or marker board panels to easily share information. Tackable panels allow items to be tacked onto the workstation panel multiple times and in multiple places. Marker board panels are a popular option for the outside of supervisor stations since notes and goals for the day can quickly be jotted down and updated daily. Both of these panel options provide an easy and cost effective way to quickly update information as needed.

Room Size:


Station Size:



Maximum space assumed, columns & other obstacles may greatly affect number of stations.