Consider Pod Workstations to Create a Team Environment

23 Jun 2014

Since the rise of the co-working environment, the challenge of generating the most productive space that blends privacy with a team environment has been a challenge. One solution is pod workstations. The office pod is a unique workstation designed for the optimization of work team environments.

Co-working groups working in an office cluster can easily interact, share information, and have on the spot meetings. Pod clusters create a team environment in an open office layout. Unlike standard cubical environments, work pods ensure that co-workers are not directly facing their colleagues. Whether speaking on the phone, or focusing on data, the pod work cluster formation is a slick arrangement that gives workers a sense or privacy without visual interference during critical work tasks.

Pod modular workstations offer a maximized work area fit into a compact space. Pod workstations can help to reduce wasted floor plan space and increase workflow efficiency. Pod clusters can also be outfitted with whiteboard panels for shared note taking and presentations, or with storage accessories to help keep the work space organized.

Economical and fashion forward, pod clusters enhance the business environment with uniformity and practicality. These modular workstations also take up less space when not in use. Cabling for computers and electrical systems fits into the center part of the office pod keeping power and data easily accessible, yet hidden.

Durable, portable and high quality in appearance, pod workstations are a great solution solution to co-working office systems and contact centers, where a team environment is critical. Download a free white paper to learn more about this unique workstation design.