Why Choose Interior Concepts

Interior Concepts manufactures the best space saving furniture on the market thanks to our one-inch thick panel system that can be modified by the inch. Our innovative modular panel system takes up less room and allows you to do more with less. We build our furniture around the existing architecture, like columns and utility access panels, to provide the best utilization of your space. Interior Concepts has the ability to comfortably fit more people into your space or create more usable space in any given area.

Standard products are fast becoming a commodity with price being the only differentiation. With the ability to maximize space and modify our furniture, all in a timely and economical fashion, we provide a product that will work better and be competitive for years to come. Our customers know that they do not have to settle on standard, when they have the ability to get exactly what they need to enhance their business. Watch our customers tell their story in the Testimonials section.

Webex Video Meetings

You can actually see what your new furniture will look like in your space before you buy.

You can set up a Webex video meeting and choose a time – all from the comfort of your office or home. Get in touch with one of our Regional Sales Managers to set up a meeting with one of our design specialists. You will get to experience a live view of a designers computer screen as they design your next new space. Every day at Interior Concepts we conduct Webex meetings to help our customers choose a custom layout, pick colors and finishes, and visualize their furniture prior to installation. These design sessions have important benefits that you won’t want to miss.

Chase Wire Management System

Allow IT to update and change hardware 50% faster

Many traditional furniture systems use a base panel raceway and electrical system where wire and data cabling is run through narrow panel raceways along the bottom of the furniture. With chase system, wires and cables store neatly behind sliding doors, keeping them easily accessible, and floors clutter-free. Delivering up to 80 times more cabling capacity than conventional panel raceways and cutting installation time by 25-30% and reducing cabling contractor costs by up to 40%.

Maximize Your Space

Modify furniture designs to meet your needs

Each station is designed and manufactured to fit your unique space and application needs. Our ability to modify your furniture layout in one-inch increments lets you make the best use of your floor plan by turning the space around architectural elements, such as windows and columns, into usable square footage. This typically results in an increased number of workstations, while maintaining workstation size. Capacity is increased, yet comfort is never compromised.

Reconfigure Furniture as Needed

Easily access electronic records of your project

Modularity, durability and quality – all wrapped up in one. Should you need to move or reconfigure your furniture, we will be able to tell you exactly what you need to make the changes. And our factory-trained installers will ensure a smooth transition. If damage occurs, our unique design allows inserts to be replaced without having to disassemble the entire system.

MAS® Certified Green

LEED and CHPS Credit Eligible

Interior Concepts entire furniture line has been certified as a low VOC emitting furniture product and has been MAS Certified Green®. In addition to the green certification, Interior Concepts workstations are also compliant with LEED for Schools and the CHPS performance standards set for workstations to be classified as low-emitting furniture.