School Furniture Designs

When it comes to schools and their classrooms, there are a number of variables that decide how best to fill them. Schools with high student to teacher ratios need more furniture per classroom. Classrooms that cater to students with special needs may serve the children better with space for wheelchair maneuvering. There is no one way to design a classroom or its furniture. Students, teachers, schools and communities do better when the solution to school furniture fits the needs of the individuals in those schools.

Interior Concepts specializes in making the process of designing classroom furniture easier. Right from the moment you start planning your space to the moment everything is put where it belongs, we are with you. Your experience starts without ImagineIt! Design Sessions. During this process we design the furniture that will work best in your space based on the specifications you give us. Our designers are not offering you catalog furniture to fill your space. They let the space determine the school furniture designs that fit your situation.

We are flexible when it comes to your school furniture needs. Our school furniture designs are based only on what you tell us you have, want and need. The entire project relies on your input into our design process. When you work with us, your experience is only the best because we cater to you to get you the classroom you want. When it is all over, you will see the product of your imagination going to work in an educational environment. What could be more rewarding?

Interior Concepts has more than 20-years experience getting sturdy and dependable furniture to the classrooms that need it. Not only is every piece made in the U.S.A. and covered by a warranty that lasts the lifetime of the piece, it is also delivered to where it is needed. When you decide to work with Interior Concepts to get the right furniture into your classrooms, you know the end result is getting to you safely.

Get an idea of what we can offer you by looking through previous designs for computer labs, STEM labs and collaboration furniture. Visit the Testimonials section to see profiles on successful installations throughout the country.