U Shaped Desks

Outfitting your office with the perfect desk is an absolute must for a functional and usable workspace. U-shaped desks curve around corners to fit the room better and maximize your desk space without taking up too much room. Custom designed office furniture from Interior Concepts can be built to fit your space perfectly, with custom accommodations for windows, doors, columns and any other design quirks unique to your office space. These uniquely shaped desks offer multiple work surfaces, and a variety of storage options for a space saving and functional addition to your private or administrative office.

Having your office furniture built specifically for your interior makes a big difference when it comes to efficient and aesthetically pleasing office design. A custom built u-shaped desk makes it possible to have a huge amount of usable desk space available, even in a small or oddly shaped office. Interior Concepts offers u-shaped desks built to your exact specifications, including unique measurements for office features such as window ledges, heating vents and other common obstacles to interior design. Be sure to take exact measurements of your space before ordering, because the high customizability of these desks is intended to leave you with a finished product that fits your office space like a glove.

In addition to having a maximally efficient and customizable shape, Interior Concepts’ u-shaped desks also feature a wide variety of storage options for paperwork or personal items, giving you unlimited control over the look and function of your office furniture. Overhead shelving, wardrobe units, multiple drawer configuration and other optional storage spaces allow you to optimize your workspace for easy organization. Interior Concepts even offers a variety of colors and other visual features that enhance the appearance and appeal of your desk, coordinating easily to present a unified look throughout your workspace or to give your room enhanced professional appeal. The versatility these options give you makes these custom desks a tempting option for administrative and corporate offices, and private offices where space is precious and effective use is important. U-shaped desks also provide multiple work surfaces and make an excellent choice for reception stations and computer desks.