L Shaped Desks

Need a desk but don’t think a straight table will be a good fit? At Interior Concepts, we think we can help. Each office is different in size and layout, often making it difficult for one table design to fit them all. There is no such thing as one table to rule them all (Lord of the Rings reference..). This is where Interior Concepts can help! Our ImagineIt! Design Session was made to remedy this sort of situation, giving you control over your desk’s design.

L shaped desks are even more difficult to personalize to your office than straight desks, but our ImagineIt! Design Session can help you create a desk that will fit exactly to your office’s specifications. Whether you have a corner office with a cut in the corner, or you have an office that is more rectangular than it is square, we can help you design a desk that will fit your needs.

Why L shaped desks? While traditional, straight-shaped desks were originally designed without having computer workstations, modern day workspaces almost always require computers, whether they’re desktops or laptops. L-shaped desks were designed with computers in mind, providing you with room for your computer while leaving an ample amount of space for other, desk-related work.

Need other furniture or ergonomic accessories to complement your new L shaped desk? Interior Concepts designs a wide array of desk accessories, such as ergonomic office chairs and drawers to store files away under the desk.