Call Center Layouts

Efficiency is the key to call center success whether your talented employees are telemarketing, developing client and sales leads of fielding customer calls for service. Technological innovations are increasingly making centralized call centers the efficient and economical choice in many industries, and making that space work its best is the entire focus of our business.

At Interior Concepts, we’re experts at maximizing efficiency in high-volume and high-traffic workspaces like call centers.  We’ve been maximizing call center furniture layout space and work-flow efficiency through expertise and custom-made furniture for more than 20 years and have installed contact centers at more than 3,000 locations.

Our service begins long before the furniture arrives, with expert consultation to look at your available space, workflow and staffing levels. We will offer multiple options and configurations and offer 3D visualizations so you can see what your supervisors will see before a single piece is delivered.

Custom-designed call center furniture from Interior Concepts will increase staff efficiency and sales by ensuring maximum productivity from agent stations to supervisor stations and training room facilities.

Besides traditional straight runs of call center workstations, we offer state-of-the-art cluster workstations – also known as pods – that maximize available space while eliminating the inefficiencies and distractions of agents facing each other.

Interior Concepts can modify all furniture offerings by the inch to fit your exacting space and needs, and can get your options rolling with an ImagineIt! Design Session and quickly have you seeing the possibilities, from design and layout down to specific colors.

Interior Concepts commercial office furniture, made to exacting standards in design and manufacturing, comes with a lifetime warranty. For efficiency. For profitability. Forever.

Interior Concepts is your one-source solution to turnkey call center furniture solutions, with nationwide support and delivery. From the first call to expert installation, we promise a personalized experience led by a project manager with your space and staffing needs in mind. You will see 3D layouts of your new furniture and have the option to make changes, pick colors and tweak your new space to your needs.

Once you’re thrilled with your options, your order goes straight to our factory floor and into production. After that, professional installers will complete the process.

Interior Concepts: Imagine your call center possibilities, then let us show you elegant and efficient solutions to make the most of space, staffing, technology and efficiency.

Call us before you take a single call.