Is It Time to Say Hello to a New Reception Desk?

17 Aug 2012

What is the first thing people see when they walk into your organization? Most likely they first encounter the reception desk. Before you start worrying about purchasing some soap to try to clean those old worn fabric panels, maybe it’s time to consider another option – a New Desk.

What’s the purpose for the reception desk?

  • Barrier between the public and your employees. The reception desk defines where the work area begins.
  • A place to gather information from clients entering your building.
  • A privacy area to protect the receptionist items from the public.
  • Privacy to protect important information about clients from others.
  • If the first thing people see is your reception desk, do not let the old worn out office desk set the tone for your clients when they enter your office.

Two words come to mind when thinking about reception desks ‘adaptive’ and ‘universal’.

In order to be adaptive and universal four things need to be able to happen.

  • The desk needs to be freestanding.
  • The desk needs to have the ability to change material quickly as trends change.
  • The desk needs to be adaptable to technology today and into the future.
  • The desk needs to be customizable to fit the unique space requirements of your front reception area.

What to Avoid

  • Avoid the heavy, robust, specialty built millworked desk. These desks are not freestanding and require a complete tear down when it is time to change.
  • Avoid fancy gimmicks, like hideaway monitors and technology features that may change rapidly. Standard electrical outlets will most likely stay, USB will probably change as soon as someone builds something faster.
  • Avoid the overly large work surface and the too narrow work surface. Both can cause frustrations for the receptionist.
  • Avoid wire managements systems that are exposed or accessible from the public walkup  – the last thing you need is your client kicking the wire raceway off when filling out paper work.
  • Avoid fabric and real wood.  Both are very difficult to maintain.  Both look great when installed but much worse even worse a year from now. – Use Laminate instead.  It is easy to clean and is scratch resistant.
Reception Desks

Contact Interior Concepts today and we can schedule an online interactive design session – free of charge- to build the perfect reception space to fit your needs today and in the future. Most importantly we can build you a desk that looks great when customers walk into your building for the first time and every time in the future.