Is All Office Business Furniture the Same?

01 Aug 2012

I have been working in the business furniture industry for 6 years. In this short period of time I noticed a similar theme in the commercial office furniture industry, “It seems like all the same stuff”. Ok, let’s be honest. All furniture companies are going to tout what they feel is special and unique about their product; however as a customer you really need to ask the question, “Is any of this really different”?

The Answer is Yes

Even though a lot of office furniture is indistinguishable to most people outside of the industry, there are some differences, BUT as you can see from the images below – it’s not always apparent.

Office Furniture Environments

Several Common Product Features

  •  A 3” or 2” deep panel. Whether it’s made out of a hollow metal core with a tile system on the outside, particle board with fabric glued or stapled to the outside, or remanufactured, it’s still a 3” or 2” panel depth.
  • Most furniture companies run power and data through a similar small race way at the bottom of the panel typically no higher than 5” off the floor.
  • For the most part the office furniture industry has standardized on 6” increments for all units of measurement.

Why are these standard options not in your best interest?

  • 3” or 2” panels take up more space in your floor plan or reduce the amount of work surface you have to use.
  • Smaller raceways are hard to access.  Just ask your IT person. Also, look around the office and see how many raceway plates are missing and left exposed.
  • Standard 6” increments are great when you want a 6’ desk, but what happens when the data and electrical box are placed at 6’3” along the wall.  You either move the desk up to place over the data/ electrical, or leave the wire exposed for all to see.
Its About You

Standard Designs Mean Fewer Options for You

At the end of the day, all this standardizing has led to things being better for the manufacture and fewer choices for you, the consumer. My question to customers of office furniture; “Why allow the manufactures to get away with building stuff you do not want”? 

Here is my solution: Work with a company that is willing to work with you. It’s that easy.

Interior Concepts has 2 slogans that have really changed the way the organization manufactures furniture and works with customers; “Solutions that Fit” and “We Work for You”.

Why Settle for Standard?

Interior Concepts offers panel systems furniture built in 1” increments. So why settle for “standard” when you can buy what will work the best in your space for No Additional Cost.  In some industries the ability to fit more people into a space can mean less space needs to be rented or could mean more revenue to be generated.

Wire Management

Why settle for the small wire management system when you can access the largest hidden wire management system in the industry?  Access is the key word.  A panel slides open and your data power can be accessed.  Do not be fooled be a grommet hole conveniently placed in a panel below the desk.  It is no fun calling in a team of people to move your desk away from the wall to unplug your monitor to replace with the new dual HD screen you just purchased.

We Work for You

If you’re interested in more workspace, more function, and a better fit for your office contact Interior Concepts, At the end of the day we will provide a “solution that fits” and be there to “Work for You”.