How an Efficient Contact Center Furniture System Can Increase Profits

09 Jun 2014

“It’s a game of inches” is a quote that is used in many sports. If you have ever played sports like football, baseball, or golf, you know that inches can make the difference between success and failure. Peter Morris wrote a book that is called “The Game of Inches.” This book is quite large, spanning two volumes and over 500 pages. Our story, however, is not quite as long. In fact, it is short and to the point. Inches in the design of your call center can increase your profits and your return on investment.

Maximizing your available space
A contact center that plans on expansion and has space available will benefit by maximizing the space as much as possible. Typically a work station is 3-feet by 5-feet and the aisles are 6-feet wide. Most contact center furniture systems are built with 2 to 3-inch panels. The best solution to maximize the available space is to use a thin-line panel system. These systems have a 1-inch wide panel. With this system you are able to gain additional stations within the floor plan. This allows you to increase work and aisle space per employee. You can also build or lease less square footage, which impacts your bottom line.

A contact center furniture system having 2-inch thick panels will occupy approximately 10,925 square feet while a system with 1-inch panels requires approximately 10,602 square feet. That equals a savings of over 300 square feet. Depending on the building layout, this allows you the opportunity to have up to 20 more work stations.

Customer Care Satisfaction
If your contact center happens to be a cost center and does not generate revenue there are still benefits of expanding your center. You will be able to handle more calls and have a decrease in wait times. This will keep your customers satisfied and will increase their brand loyalty as well.

If not immediately needed, you will have the space for future expansion. Businesses grow. And it is better to have the extra space when needed than to need it and have to wait.

A new expansion for your center may be just what you need. If you would like to see just how this can work for you, there is a FREE Interactive Design Session available when you start a quote with Interior Concepts. This will show you how to plan an effective and efficient contact center whether new or an expansion. Contact us today to get started.