Encourage Collaboration with the MediaCurv Workstation

24 Oct 2016

Learning through collaboration is what the MediaCurv Workstation is all about. In the words of Educator, Steve Anderson: “Alone we are smart. Together we are BRILLIANT”. Whether it’s a staple piece in your STEM classroom or a functional workspace for an office, this workstation allows for flexibility and creativity when working together.

Creative Thinking Needs a Home

By giving your creative thinkers a space to explore new concepts, you are making room for innovation. Whether it’s in a classroom, lab or an office, ideas need space to grow and flourish. The right workstation and tools allow teams to combine things that are often thought of as being on opposite ends of the spectrum, such as engineering and art.

Watch the product demonstration below to learn more about MediCurve Workstations by Interior Concepts. Not only are they perfect for STEM labs, but they also work well in CTE areas, Makerspaces, Fab Labs, and offices.

Flexible MediaCurv Workstation Solutions to Work with Your Space

We’ve found that flexibility in design leads the way for creativity in use. These workstations can be mobile or fixed, so you may use them in a way that suits your needs. The major elements of the MediaCurve can be customized, including edges that can be matched to any environment and an optional top workspace that is also a whiteboard. Locking storage is also available to help ensure the safety of your equipment and materials. You may choose an open shelf or a fully-enclosed shelf, depending on what you need, and you may even customize the shelving inside the cabinet, and the height.

The Interior Concepts Difference

As you have come to expect from Interior Concepts furniture, the MediaCurve Workstation is Made in the USA, MAS® Certified Green, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty

Your local Interior Concepts representative will be happy to answer any questions or provide you with more information on this flexible workstation. If you don’t already have a representative, simply request a quote and we’ll put you in touch with the right person.