3 Ways to Create a STEM Lab on a Budget

10 Nov 2014

The STEM lab design that you see in your dream may not be a reality for your school. The budget for a complete STEM lab renovation could be hefty if all new technology, curriculum, and furniture must all be upgraded at once. If a complete renovation isn’t an option, you still have options. There are many teaching resources free from the Internet, and when it comes to the furnishings and layout, you can make small changes over time to upgrade your STEM lab.

#1: White Board Tables
One way to upgrade part of your lab is adding several tables with a whiteboard top. A popular design option is the Motion Collaboration/Sprocket Table with a whiteboard top. When you use tables that have whiteboard top, students can map their designs or solve problems on the table for easy sharing. This makes it easy for students to collaborate and solve problems effectively as a group. A white board top allows students to show the teachers their ideas and then transfer solutions to a sketch book or computer once they are satisfied with their work. If you don’t have the budget for new tables, try to refinish current tables with a white board paint.

#2: Flexible Teaching Space
Another way to make a STEM lab more functional on a budget is to upgrade the teacher’s podium. Instructors need to be lecturing and working from a podium that offers maximum flexibility. One option is the Influence Eclipse Podium, which is on casters and height adjustable, giving teacher’s flexibility. Functional furniture allows teacher’s to give an active lecture and then use the podium as workspace to a place meet with students, or wheel up to work groups.

#3: The File Sharing Network
One of the tenants of the STEM education is the sharing of information. It must be easy to share information with students and students must be able to easily share information with instructors. A file sharing platform, like Google Drive, is often free up to a certain storage limit. A system like this will allow files to be transferred back and forth with ease.

By slowly making a few changes to the technology and furniture, schools can upgrade their STEM labs and classrooms a little at a time to give students the education they deserve without spending a large sum of money at one time.

If you are ready to upgrade your STEM/STEAM lab, please reach out to your local Interior Concepts representative for more information. If you’re not sure who your representative is we will put you in touch with one when you request a quote.