Why You Should Consider a Standing Desk

10 Feb 2014

How often do you stand at work? Ever wonder if sitting all day is healthy? Recent Studies show it’s important to stand more often and sit less. A standing desk may be your best bet to offset the negative effects of sitting all day. Keep reading to learn four reasons why your should consider a standing desk.

An article from the New York Times, ‘Is Sitting a Lethal Activity?‘ addresses the issue. One poignant point from the article explains that the popular notion that exercise helps offset sitting all day may not be true. A growing body of inactivity research suggests that this advice makes scarcely more sense than the notion that you could counter a pack-a-day smoking habit by jogging. At the article notes, “Exercise is not a perfect antidote for sitting.” Sitting all day can lead to all kinds of health issues.

Here are four reasons you should consider a standing desk.

  • Productivity. When you stand you are more productive and focused for longer periods of time. Lifehack even states it can double your productivity.
  • Creativity: Because you’re more productive and have more blood flow you naturally become more creative. Standing helps the blood flow and respiration which leads to more productivity and focus.
  • Health: The same Lifehack article gives some startling statistics on the negative affect of sitting.  According to the article, sitting for 6+ hours a day will increase your likelihood of dying within 15 years when compared to someone who only sits for 3 hours a day, by 40%. Obesity is a great enemy of productivity, and the more obese you become the less you feel like working. Research has shown that obese people sit for 2.5 more hours a day compared to their thin counterparts. People with sitting jobs have also been observed to have twice the cardiovascular disease as people with standing jobs.
  • Better Posture & Ergonomics: Standing helps align your body. However, you need to be careful that you do not end up leaning over too far when standing and working. It’s important to focus on having a straight back with slightly bent knees. However, standing all day can be a “pain” also. It’s important to inter mix both seating, standing, and walking around during the day.

Interior Concepts new Influence line of standing desks and adjustable tables has the features that you will need to get standing in the workplace. With a click of a button you can go from seating to standing and back to sitting with having to move anything around or hire an entire football team to move your desk. Start taking a stand at work. Increase productivity, Increase your creativity, live longer, and work injury free.

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