24 Oct 2016

Encourage Collaboration with the MediaCurv Workstation

Learning through collaboration is what the MediaCurv Workstation is all about. In the words of Educator, Steve Anderson: “Alone we are smart. Together we are BRILLIANT”. Whether it’s a staple piece in your STEM classroom or a functional workspace for an office, this workstation allows for flexibility and creativity when working together. Creative Thinking Needs… Read more »

08 Aug 2016

Tech Lab Carts for STEAM Labs & Makerspaces

Watch a product demonstration to learn more about Tech Lab carts by Interior Concepts. These carts work well in STEM and STEAM labs, CTE areas, Makerspaces, and Fab Labs. Tech lab carts are available in a variety of designs and sizes. The most popular sizes are 6’ wide by 4’ deep and 4’ wide x… Read more »

01 Feb 2016

How to Furnish Your Makerspace to Foster Collaboration

If learning was meant to be in isolation, we wouldn’t have schools at all. We would all learn from our own textbooks at home without human interaction or input. But that’s not the way things work. Actually, we learn best when we work in groups, sharing, creating and influencing – together. This is why you’ll… Read more »

10 Nov 2015

EnerGEE! – Portable Battery Power: What, Why, How

Not So Wireless Imagine you have 3% battery remaining on your smartphone and only one extra outlet on the other side of the room. It’s almost torture to listen to text messages or email alerts ring aloud as you sit comfortably perched upon the desk from a distance. To check or not to check, that… Read more »

10 Nov 2014

3 Ways to Create a STEM Lab on a Budget

The STEM lab design that you see in your dream may not be a reality for your school. The budget for a complete STEM lab renovation could be hefty if all new technology, curriculum, and furniture must all be upgraded at once. If a complete renovation isn’t an option, you still have options. There are… Read more »

08 Sep 2014

What is a School Makerspace?

A school makerspace serves as a gathering point for creating and exploring. These spaces aid in increasing student engagement and creating an active learning environment. Makerspaces come in all shapes and sizes. In schools, these areas are often found in the computer labs, libraries, or media centers. The idea behind the maker movement is experimental… Read more »

30 Jun 2014

10 Popular STEM Lab Furniture Designs

If you’re updating or designing a STEM Lab check out this presentation to see 10 of our most popular furniture designs for STEM Lab environments. STEM classrooms are not simply the traditional lecture layout – there are additional demands for collaborative space and mobility.

05 May 2014

Get Help Creating Your 21st Century Learning Environment

Creating a 21st century learning environment can be challenging. We want students to go beyond simply memorizing information, instead absorbing the information so they can build on it throughout the school year and beyond. But how do you create a learning environment to engage students? Here are five ways Interior Concepts can help design furniture… Read more »

28 Apr 2014

STEM Lab Design: Free Planning Guide

Designing a STEM lab can be overwhelming, but with a little direction you can design your ideal lab for teachers and students.  Interior Concepts has over twenty years of experience designing furniture for technology labs and now we are helping schools with their STEM lab design.

24 May 2012

Tips for Designing a Successful STEM Lab

First, what is STEM? STEM education combines science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in real-world lessons that allow students to make connections between school, work, and the global economy. The goal is to increase America’s talent pool by vastly improving K-12 mathematics and science education. Though the term STEM labs has recently become popular, Interior Concepts... Read more »