16 Jan 2019

The Importance of Furniture in Today’s Healthcare Call Centers

This article was originally published in Healthcare Call Center Times. You can subscribe to the publication HERE. The location of healthcare call centers in the early years of this profession were often not very advantageous. A hospital basement, an unused patient room, a small side room, all of these would house a series of desks… Read more »

03 Jan 2017

How to Boost Morale and Retain Customers through Call Center Design

When you walk through your call center, do you hear the happy buzz of agents having friendly conversations? Or is it more like a frantic roar? If it’s the latter, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for staffing changes. If your customer service agents are frazzled, it may not be their fault. The truth is,… Read more »

10 Nov 2015

EnerGEE! – Portable Battery Power: What, Why, How

Not So Wireless Imagine you have 3% battery remaining on your smartphone and only one extra outlet on the other side of the room. It’s almost torture to listen to text messages or email alerts ring aloud as you sit comfortably perched upon the desk from a distance. To check or not to check, that… Read more »

14 Oct 2015

Call Center Design: Words of Wisdom

For each call center, whether you are seating six or six hundred, there are many important factors to explore while considering different designs. This may seem overwhelming but with a little guidance from experts in the field, your experience should be smooth and well informed. Here at ICC we have the privilege to have Project… Read more »

18 May 2015

Call Center Design: Calling Out for Comfort

A Hub is the Sum of Its Parts Many of us cringe when we hear the words “call” and “center” in the same sentence. The earliest example of a modern call center dates back the 1960s in the UK. The Birmingham Press and Mail was the first documented example of a Private Automated Business Exchange… Read more »

21 Jul 2014

Increase Productivity Through Call Center Furniture Design

Purchasing call center furniture can be a challenging process, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding the right furniture design to accommodate business goals, like increasing communication and productivity, is doable when you work with a company that specializes in customer service focused spaces, like call centers and contact centers. Benefits of Workplace Furniture Purchasing… Read more »

09 Jun 2014

How an Efficient Contact Center Furniture System Can Increase Profits

“It’s a game of inches” is a quote that is used in many sports. If you have ever played sports like football, baseball, or golf, you know that inches can make the difference between success and failure. Peter Morris wrote a book that is called “The Game of Inches.” This book is quite large, spanning… Read more »

21 Apr 2014

Training Room Tables

Any training environment has to be comfortable and have enough space for seating. The ideal training room should have projectors and all of the required equipment to work with visual aids. Additionally, the training room tables should have sufficient space for laptops and desktops if students will be utilizing these resources as a part of… Read more »

07 Apr 2014

Call Center Design Considerations for the Physical Work Space

If you are looking to move or rent space for your call center, then you should know that the physical space you select can have a real impact on how well your business operates. The following categories are intended to provide you with a general outline of issues to be aware of as you plan your… Read more »

17 Mar 2014

Tips to Design Call Center Furniture for Productivity

The design of an office can affect worker productivity and mood. This is especially true in a call center environment where the furniture design can layout can help to create a working environment conducive to the employer’s business goals. Designing furniture pieces and layout for the space plus around the needs of your business, you… Read more »