Call Center Design Considerations for the Physical Work Space

07 Apr 2014

If you are looking to move or rent space for your call center, then you should know that the physical space you select can have a real impact on how well your business operates. The following categories are intended to provide you with a general outline of issues to be aware of as you plan your call center design. While Interior Concepts can’t solve all of your design issues, we do provide effective furniture solutions to meet your needs. The first area of concern that we will help you to address involves the issues related to building considerations.

Building Considerations:

  • How long will it take to reach your call center?
  • Is there ample parking for the projected number of employees?
  • Does the facility provide you with enough space a break room and appropriate number of restrooms and exits?
  • The physical location, available parking, and size of your call center must accommodate your overall business needs. Interior Concepts will help you give the same amount of consideration to the furniture needs of your call center.

Call Center Furniture Considerations:

  • How many people can fit into the space that the facility provides?
  • Will your furniture be delivered to your facility on time?
  • Does the furniture you design adequately accommodate all the tasks performed with in the call center?
  • What is the proper work station size and panel height for visibility and supervision?
  • Will you need ergonomic chairs and workstation accessories?
  • Where should supervisors be positioned within the call center?
  • What will the employee to supervisor ratio be?
  • Does the facility have a loading dock or elevator for the furniture delivery?

Another aspect of call center design involves the development of the right kind of atmosphere for workers and clients entering your facility. Interior Concepts will help you to make sure your business reflects a professional look and feel by helping you to address the following points.

Create a positive work culture:

  • Use the right combination of colors to encourage positive feelings throughout your call center.
  • Determine if devices that produce white noise will be necessary for controlling noise levels in your facility.
  • Arrange the office setting in a way that it invokes an open feeling for workers and clients alike.
  • Make sure adequate supervision exists in your call center to prevent and efficiently handle any problems that may arise.
  • Be certain your call center has adequate and comfortable, soft seating for both workers and clients.
  • The break room should be inviting and comfortable for those who frequent your call center and use it on a daily basis.
  • Does the overall atmosphere of your call center feel as if everything is running smoothly?
  • With more clients visiting sites these days, it is important to become aware of what sort of impression you want clients to have of your facility, and how you plan to give that impression.


Interior Concepts has completed thousands of installations for highly successful call centers around the country. We would like the opportunity to provide your facility with the same level of quality, service, and expertise in the area of call center design that we have shown to our other clients. You can work with our design specialists to create the perfect work environment, which not only aligns with your business goals, but will foster a positive professional atmosphere for you and your clients. To get started, call 800-678-5550, to speak with a design specialist.