Bright and Bold Color Options

14 Apr 2014

Looking to add a splash of color to your projects? Interior Concepts is here to help. We recently launched 20 new Bright & Bold standard laminate colors. Now you can choose your office furniture or school furniture colors from every color of the rainbow.

Some project demand to be colorful – and Interior Concepts delivers with bold and bright options for your tables and worksurfaces. With our new rainbow of laminates, you can color like a kid and bring a cheerful aesthetic to your projects. Whether you are designing school furniture for your classroom or meeting tables for your office, we’re offering you a new way to brighten up your space.

Try these bright colors on your next table project. We’ve also included a markerboard option for people to jot down their brilliance right on the desktop. Using markerboards on horizontal surfaces, like tables, is a popular option in school and meeting spaces.

When making your color selections keep in mind that the psychology of color is not an exact science. Reactions to color vary by culture, age group, and even mood. Many studies note that younger children find bright colors with high contrast stimulating, while more subdued hues of color can provide the same stimulation to adolescents and adults.

Brights Collection: Interior Concepts from Interior Concepts


See the new Bright & Bold line download the new card.