14 Jan 2013

3 Tips to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse on Your Office Design

We have worked with customers to design thousands of workspaces and would like to share 3 tips we have learned after many installations to help you avoid buyer’s remorse when designing and purchasing furniture for office workspaces. Consider These 3 Tips to Avoid Regretting Your Office Design Maximize the Workspace Incorporate Desktop Power Create Space... Read more »
24 Sep 2012

Avoid the Catalog Conundrum. Design Your Own Furniture

Have you ever selected office furniture from a catalog? I have and it's not fun. The process usually goes like this - you comb through catalog after catalog searching for the furniture style you are looking for. Once you find the style the real fun begins. Now it’s time to begin the search for parts... Read more »
30 Aug 2012

Design Considerations for Your STEM Lab

STEM labs continue to increase in popularity as the nation aims to educate and train a cutting edge workforce. Interior Concepts has years of experience designing furniture for labs and we have firsthand knowledge by designing and installing furniture for STEM labs to make them the best learning environment possible. Common Themes Though each school... Read more »
17 Aug 2012

Is It Time to Say Hello to a New Reception Desk?

What is the first thing people see when they walk into your organization? Most likely they first encounter the reception desk. Before you start worrying about purchasing some soap to try to clean those old worn fabric panels, maybe it’s time to consider another option - a New Desk. What’s the purpose for the reception... Read more »
01 Aug 2012

Is All Office Business Furniture the Same?

I have been working in the business furniture industry for 6 years. In this short period of time I noticed a similar theme in the commercial office furniture industry, “It seems like all the same stuff”. Ok, let’s be honest. All furniture companies are going to tout what they feel is special and unique about... Read more »
15 Jun 2012

Sit-to-Stand Workstations: The Key to Good Health?

If you work in an office (like me) you probably spend more hours sitting in a desk chair than anywhere else – and your body feels like it.  One way to combat discomfort is to work at a sit-to-stand workstation. This solution allows you to adjust your body position throughout the day, which can reduce... Read more »
24 May 2012

Tips for Designing a Successful STEM Lab

First, what is STEM? STEM education combines science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in real-world lessons that allow students to make connections between school, work, and the global economy. The goal is to increase America’s talent pool by vastly improving K-12 mathematics and science education. Though the term STEM labs has recently become popular, Interior Concepts... Read more »