10 Feb 2014

Why You Should Consider a Standing Desk

How often do you stand at work? Ever wonder if sitting all day is healthy? Recent Studies show it’s important to stand more often and sit less. A standing desk may be your best bet to offset the negative effects of sitting all day. Keep reading to learn four reasons why your should consider a… Read more »

03 Feb 2014

Power and Data Options to Enhance Your Office Design

To get the most from the latest technological advancements, you have to incorporate key products into your working environment. Good office design puts what you need in a place where you can access it easily. You want your telephone, tablets, music players and other electronic data devices nearby. The Axil-Z is a power and data… Read more »

27 Jan 2014

Open Office vs. Private Office Layout

The layout of any office is an important aspect of the productivity and culture of a business. Depending on the type of business being conducted, different office design ideas can benefit certain work environments. Many believe that an open office design floor plan can open the employees up to greater collaboration and creativity, though the… Read more »

20 Jan 2014

Commercial Office Furniture

Buying the perfect commercial office furniture is a bigger and more crucial undertaking than most people seem to realize. Regardless of what kind of space you’re populating, be it a school setting, a contact center, a busy office, or a space with mixed use, you need to know for sure that you’re making the right… Read more »

13 Jan 2014

Your Office Layout Is a Reflection of How Your Business Is Run

The physical arrangement of your office has much to do with how clients and employees perceive your business. If an office interior is neatly designed and well organized, people are likely to feel confident about conducting business there. If the commercial office furniture is arranged in the right way, every person who works in an… Read more »

03 Sep 2013

Easy to Use Standing Desk

Influence is our new line of adjustable height tables and desks. The Influence line was developed to meet the growing need for standing desks and adjustable height tables.  Available in two adjustment options, crank or counterbalance, both options are simple to use and do not require power. Watch our video demo to see how they… Read more »

22 Apr 2013

Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Purchasing Call Center Furniture

The common mistake people make when shopping for new contact center furniture is thinking about it as a commodity, purely a price driven purchase decision. Finding furniture in a catalog, getting 3 quotes, and going with the lowest price is often not the best business decision. You need to find a call center furniture layout… Read more »

01 Apr 2013

Key Takeaways from My First Customer Engagement Event: PACE 2013

Interior Concepts exhibited at the PACE National Convention March 10th-13th.  For those of you not familiar with PACE, PACE is the Professional Association for Customer Engagement. You can visit their website and learn more about them HERE. The national convention was a great show full of learning and networking. Keep reading for my key takeaways… Read more »

11 Mar 2013

How to Design a Teacher Desk for 21st Century Learning

Are you teaching in a 21st century school with a 20th century (or 19th century) desk? Let’s face it; the teachers desk has not made many advances since the 1800’s. It’s time to rethink the role of the teacher's desk in the 21st century classroom. Teaching methods have evolved beyond the standard classroom of students... Read more »
13 Feb 2013

Earn a Passing Grade with Testing Stations by Interior Concepts

Taking a test is stressful, but designing workstations for your testing center shouldn’t be. We recently worked on several projects designing GED testing stations for Pearson VUE® testing centers. We want to share what we’ve learned about their workstation requirements with you. To answer your questions about the Pearson VUE® testing center workstation requirements, we designed... Read more »