30 Jun 2014

10 Popular STEM Lab Furniture Designs

If you’re updating or designing a STEM Lab check out this presentation to see 10 of our most popular furniture designs for STEM Lab environments. STEM classrooms are not simply the traditional lecture layout – there are additional demands for collaborative space and mobility.

23 Jun 2014

Consider Pod Workstations to Create a Team Environment

Since the rise of the co-working environment, the challenge of generating the most productive space that blends privacy with a team environment has been a challenge. One solution is pod workstations. The office pod is a unique workstation designed for the optimization of work team environments. Co-working groups working in an office cluster can easily… Read more »

02 Jun 2014

Effective Media Sharing with DropShare

Collaborative media-sharing technology is a fairly new concept. These types of systems allow individuals to share the screen of their device, like a laptop or tablet, with a group in a quick and effective way. Originally collaborative technology was created around video conferencing, as many of the first generation devices were built for the purpose… Read more »

19 May 2014

School Furniture for a Flipped Classroom

When it comes to flipping a classroom, teachers need to take many things into consideration. A few include room layout, the school furniture, group work, and classroom management. To make sure the transition goes smoothly, educators should make sure to get the transition right from the start.

12 May 2014

What is the Best Office Layout?

Your working environment is important for productivity, privacy and comfort. When deciding on the best office layout configuration for a work environment consider the type of work to be done, the size of your staff, and the space available. The key to planning any workspace is to create a balance between private and public spaces.

05 May 2014

Get Help Creating Your 21st Century Learning Environment

Creating a 21st century learning environment can be challenging. We want students to go beyond simply memorizing information, instead absorbing the information so they can build on it throughout the school year and beyond. But how do you create a learning environment to engage students? Here are five ways Interior Concepts can help design furniture… Read more »

28 Apr 2014

STEM Lab Design: Free Planning Guide

Designing a STEM lab can be overwhelming, but with a little direction you can design your ideal lab for teachers and students.  Interior Concepts has over twenty years of experience designing furniture for technology labs and now we are helping schools with their STEM lab design. To get started download our free STEM Lab Planning… Read more »

21 Apr 2014

Training Room Tables

Any training environment has to be comfortable and have enough space for seating. The ideal training room should have projectors and all of the required equipment to work with visual aids. Additionally, the training room tables should have sufficient space for laptops and desktops if students will be utilizing these resources as a part of… Read more »

14 Apr 2014

Bright and Bold Color Options

Looking to add a splash of color to your projects? Interior Concepts is here to help. We recently launched 20 new Bright & Bold standard laminate colors. Now you can choose your office furniture or school furniture colors from every color of the rainbow.

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