3 Tips to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse on Your Office Design

14 Jan 2013

We have worked with customers to design thousands of workspaces and would like to share 3 tips we have learned after many installations to help you avoid buyer’s remorse when designing and purchasing furniture for office workspaces.

Consider These 3 Tips to Avoid Regretting Your Office Design

  • Maximize the Workspace
  • Incorporate Desktop Power
  • Create Space for Collaboration

Maximize Your Workspace

When it comes to workspace, you will never have enough. Even in a paperless society people still fill their workspace with reference materials, prototypes, and documents – not to mention the photos from home. If you have a 9’ wall in your office, instead of settling for a 6’ or even 8’ desk, why not maximize your space and extend the desk to 9’? Sound complicated? It’s not; watch this video see how easy it is to customize your furniture design.

Incorporate Desktop Power

In a wireless world we still need access to power. When working with clients, the top regret they have after installation is not incorporating power into the worksurface. Technology has come a long way. Interior Concepts would like to introduce you to the Axil-Z, which mounts flush with the worksurface creating a smooth look. Incorporate power and USB, data, VGA, or HDMI. Also, no need to be worried about spilling around the Axil-Z – its waterproof (and coffee-proof). Learn more about Axil-Z.

Make Your Desk Inviting

Collaboration is a must in your workspace. In years past, people could simply add a table to their office. Today, buildings are maximized for efficiency and most offices do not have that extra space. Conference areas and open workspace areas are great for large meetings or non-personal meetings, however, small personal meetings still need to take place. Make your desk inviting and welcoming by adding a collaboration area to the front or side of your desk.

Office Furniture

Consider these three tips when designing your office to avoid buyer’s remorse.  Contact Interior Concepts to start designing your ideal workspace.  Work with our designers to see your furniture in 3D and make live changes to customize your design.  Receive a 3D virtual tour of your final design to ensure your space is one you’ll be sure to love for years to come.