School Furniture

Smoothly integrate technology and learning into your school environment with computer lab furniture by Interior Concepts. With unlimited sizes and configurations each station is built to provide space-efficient work areas for the greatest number of students. Design your school computer lab furniture over an ImagineIt! Design Session and make changes live with one of your designers. Get started by choosing your room layout, for example, perimeter, or classroom style. Then think about the number of students and the technology your education environment needs to accommodate. We will help you design the perfect computer lab to meet your school furniture needs.

Media center furniture must be flexible and accommodate technology now more than ever. Your school may call it a media center, library, or learning commons, but no matter the name of the educational space, we can help you design school furniture for it.  Our school educational furniture provides more study room and learning possibilities while optimizing floor space for your school. Plus your IT department will love the ability to easily access technology while keeping cords and cables out of the way for students. From study carrels, to student computer stations, flexible meeting areas, and circulations desks, we’ve got you covered.

We manufacture technology school education furniture because interest in technology education is increasing every day. Our Drafting/CAD workstations, sewing machine carts, wind tunnel carts, and STEM/technology lab furniture meet the specific curriculum needs of these programs. Our design experts will design your technology education furniture around your curriculum. We find the best technology environments often incorporate a lecture area, computer workstations, and flexible workspaces. To get started give us a call and we will schedule an ImagineIt! Design Session with you.

Today requirements for teacher’s desks often go beyond a steel desk with two pedestals. A functional work desk allows teachers improved interaction with their students and provides an efficient place to work. We will work with you to design your perfect teacher’s desk, podium, or work area.  Choose from adjustable height designs, worktops that feature a collaborative area to meet with students, mobile desks, or a combination of the three.  Let Interior Concepts help you design a teacher’s desk that meets the school furniture needs. Take a look at pictures and contact us to design the perfect desk for your school.

Design your flexible education environment by selecting from a wide range of table options for your school. Choose from tables in a variety of sizes, shapes, leg options, and wear-resistant laminates designed to fit your environment nimbly, aesthetically and economically. With scores of options like modesty panels, desktop power, flip-top, and adjustable height, our tables present almost unlimited aesthetic and functional opportunities for every school environment. We can work with you to furnish tables for classrooms, computer labs, dining areas, meeting spaces, team settings, and conference rooms.

Interior Concepts manufactures administrative commercial office furniture for your space and needs. Maximize your space and keep the integrity of your educational building by modifying designs to work around common design obstacles in schools such as columns. Create a professional look with your furniture that will hold up for years. With Interior Concepts ensure your furniture solution is what you need by designing your stations via web conferencing with your design experts, rather than fit a standard product into your space. Since we keep electronic records of every project, reconfigurations and additions down the line are a breeze.

Room Size:


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Maximum space assumed, columns & other obstacles may greatly affect number of stations.