Standing Desks


Are you looking too add some variations to your work routine? Perhaps the sitting posture is not working out too well? At Interior Concepts, we think we can help. Our Influence desk line-up is comprised of various sit-to-stand desks that may fit your office needs.

A great deal of research has been done about the ill effects of prolonged sitting. Research shows that those who sit for the most of their day are at greater risk for health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Research even shows that even those who exercise daily are at risk, if they are sitting for the most of their day.

Sitting may reduce your creativity and productivity as well. Because sitting slows down blood circulation, it can slow down your thought processes. Standing can improve circulation and promote creativity, and even provide a change of scenery.

Our desks are manufactured in the U.S. with top-notch quality standards. Influence standing desks have a lift capacity of about 225, which is more than adequate for your desk’s heaviest demands, and height is adjustable from 27.5 inches to 45 inches. Even the dimensions can be fully adjusted and personalized to your specific needs. We at Interior Concepts design our products with you in mind. If the crank adjustment is too cumbersome for you, we have pneumatically adjustable height tables, which employ pressurized gas or air to adjust the height.

Sometimes, sitting down and typing away on the keyboard can seem so mundane, even soporific. Our Influence standing desks can help you defeat drowsiness and regain your highest level of productivity.

Standing Desk Height Adjustment

Product Specs

Room Size:


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Maximum space assumed, columns & other obstacles may greatly affect number of stations.