Call Center Furniture

When call centers start to choose furniture they typically start with the agent workstations or call center cubicles because the number of agents that fit might determine which building to lease or purchase. Interior Concepts bullpen cubicles are constructed of a thin-line panel system so we can fit more into a space than a typical commercial office furniture provider.

Supervisor stations and team leaders of any design and any height can be easily incorporated in your call center furniture floor plan, putting your supervisors right where you need them. A popular design is a raised height station for increased communication and visibility. Integrate marker boards and tackable panels to give them exactly what they need to succeed.

If you’re looking for a unique call center furniture layout consider cluster workstations. Cluster workstations, also known as circular core stations or pods, are configured so the agents all face into the center of the workstation. Unlike a typical straight run of stations, an agent will not sit directly across from another agent. If you’re looking for a unique call center furniture options, office pods may be the solution for you.

Training room furniture for your call center can be designed with the Interior Concepts panel system or powered tables. Training in call centers is critical, and we will assess your needs and find the right solution for your specific training agenda. From wire and cable management to mobility, we’ve got you covered with training room call center furniture by Interior Concepts.

Design your flexible call center furniture environment by selecting from a wide range of table options. Choose from tables in a variety of sizes, shapes, leg options, and wear-resistant laminates designed to fit your environment nimbly, aesthetically and economically. With scores of options, our tables present almost unlimited aesthetic and functional opportunities for every work environment.

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Maximum space assumed, columns & other obstacles may greatly affect number of stations.