21 Jul 2014

Increase Productivity Through Call Center Furniture Design

Purchasing call center furniture can be a challenging process, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding the right furniture design to accommodate business goals, like increasing communication and productivity, is doable when you work with a company that specializes in customer service focused spaces, like call centers and contact centers. Benefits of Workplace Furniture Purchasing… Read more »

14 Jul 2014

How to Design L-Shaped Desks in Your Office Layout

L shaped desks provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating a productive yet comfortable workspace. Having the extra surface area of l shaped desk designs can make all the difference in creating an effective work environment. Because of the many options available for personalizing l shaped desks, you should first take into… Read more »

30 Jun 2014

10 Popular STEM Lab Furniture Designs

If you’re updating or designing a STEM Lab check out this presentation to see 10 of our most popular furniture designs for STEM Lab environments. STEM classrooms are not simply the traditional lecture layout – there are additional demands for collaborative space and mobility.

23 Jun 2014

Consider Pod Workstations to Create a Team Environment

Since the rise of the co-working environment, the challenge of generating the most productive space that blends privacy with a team environment has been a challenge. One solution is pod workstations. The office pod is a unique workstation designed for the optimization of work team environments. Co-working groups working in an office cluster can easily… Read more »

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